Rose of Jericho Offices at Horchester Farm

Our Products


Limewashes, Distempers, Emulsions, Flat oil and Eggshell paints are handmade in Dorset using only artists quality powder pigments. Our paints, available in a wide range of traditional and classic colours, have a warmth and beauty rarely matched in modern coatings. Limewash and distemper paints are environmentally friendly products made using natural sustainable materials.

Lime & Mortars:

We slake various sources of quicklime to produce three different grades of lime putty, all of which is matured in containers that allow drainage and evaporation for a minimum of 6 months. We produce ready-mixed lime putty mortars suitable for all traditional building types and applications, together with reinforced basecoat and finish plasters, roughcasts, roman cement and cob, brick and stone repair mortars. St Astier natural hydraulic limes, prompt natural cement, quicklime and various pozzolanic additives are stocked.

Sands, Stonedusts & Additives:

A range of sands, graded stonedusts and additives including pea chalk and charcoal are stocked enabling the accurate matching of all traditional mortar types.

Materials Consultancy:

We enjoy an international reputation for the analysis of historic mortars and can determine the constituents of any mortar, plaster or render. We hold a national aggregates library and an archive of more than 5000 historic mortars tested. This year we have tested samples from Stokesay Castle in Shropshire, and the Suzzallo Library and Old Capitol Building, both in Seattle, Washington.

Limewash & Sheltercoat
Mortar & Plaster
Sand & Aggregates
Stone Dusts