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Pulverised Fuel Ash


Pulverised Fuel Ash is a pozzolanic additive, extracted from spent fuel hoppers of coal fired boilers and ground to a fine powder. Pozzolans are materials that are not themselves cementitious, but contain constituents which react with lime at ordinary temperatures in the presence of water to form stable hydraulic compounds.

Environmental Considerations: 

Conforms to BS EN 450. Grade N.


PFA is used in pozzolanic grouts and to increase strength and improve long-term durability of lime mortars.


Fine grey powder. (Batch colour varies slightly)

Shelf Life: 

Indefinite stored in dry conditions.


Ex.Stock. Indefinite stored in dry conditions. 20kg bags.

Health & Safety: 

See Safety Data sheet RJ 7.09HS

H335 - may cause respiratory irritation.

Fine powders of nuisance dust classification. Use gloves, overalls, facemasks and respiratory protection as appropriate to working environment.

Technical Specification: 

Pozzolans - RJ 7.01

Red Brick Dust - RJ 7.03

Argical M1000 - RJ 7.04B

Use of ordinary mortar - RJ 2.03

Lime Putty Renders - RJ 2.09


To be mixed, normally as a slurry, with lime mortar immediately before use. Add at 5%, 7.5%, 10% or 15% (by volume to mortar) depending on site exposure and the particular circumstances. Do not remix setting mortar.