Great Gatehouse, Hampton Court

Mortar Grade Chalk Lime Putty


Mortar grade non-hydraulic lime putty slaked from Singleton Birch Lincolnshire chalk 'burnt' at c.1000°C. The cream coloured putty is matured for a minimum of 6 months, and contains a small proportion of <3mm flint and un-burnt chalk particles. Superfine grade lime putty is also available (RJ1.01).

Environmental Considerations: 

Lime Putty is an environmentally sustainable product made from natural ingredients. It contains no VOCs and no petrochemical products.


To be mixed with sands, stone-dusts and aggregates normally at 1:2.5 or 1:3 by volume (depending on application) to produce lime putty bedding and pointing mortars and internal basecoat plasters. Superfine grade Chalk lime putty is used for fine finish plasters. Pozzolans (RJ7.01) are normally added on site for external renders (RJ2.09), and work in exposed locations. Seek Technical Advice.


Mortar colour is determined by the sand or aggregate mixed with the putty.

Shelf Life: 

Matures and improves with age when kept in sealed containers. This putty will stiffen during maturation, but can be plasticised without the addition of water by thorough mixing. Protect from frost.


15 litre (c.21kgs) tubs. Ex Stock

Health & Safety: 

Please see data sheet RJ5.01


Tradesmen familiar with the use of lime putty, and with experience of its successful use should be employed. Accurate volumetric site mixing is essential. Lime putty mortars do not perform as gypsum, cement, or hydraulic lime. Non-hydraulic lime sets only by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide in the presence of moisture. This 'carbonation' is a slow process and control of the drying and curing process by 'tending' and protecting is crucial to success and long term performance. Do not use in temperatures below 5°C or above 25°C. Protect from frost.