Laths & Nails


Traditional hand-split (riven) hardwood oak or chestnut plasterers laths.     

Laths are fixed with a 6-8mm gap between laths so that SPH7 fibre reinforced pricking-up coat plaster can be pushed through and good strong nibs formed above or behind the laths.

Laths are fixed ‘block-staggered’ every 600-750mm, butted (not overlapped) and fixed with non-ferrous nails or screws. Stainless steel ring-shank nails 30 x 2mm or stainless steel brads compatible with a nail gun are normally used. Stainless steel screws are best for patch repairs to delicate old ceilings.

Environmental Considerations: 

An environmentally sustainable product


Irregular 30 x 6mm hand-split thin timber slats

Shelf Life: 

Indefinite stored in dry conditions.


Laths: 100 ft/m2 Lath nails: 1kg/1200ft laths


Available in 3 lengths – 4ft, 3’6”, and 3ft to suit joist centres. 4ft lengths normally in stock.

Health & Safety: 

Wear gloves to avoid splinters. Goggles or facemasks to be worn whilst fixing.

Technical Specification: 

TAN 7 Internal plain lime plastering

RJ 2.02  Basecoat plaster with fibres

RJ 2.09 Lime putty renders


Tradesmen familiar with the setting out and fixing of plastering laths should be employed.