Strawberry Hill

Flat Oil


High quality flat matt alkyd resin oil paint.  Artists quality earth and traditional powder pigments provide matchless purity and quality of colour with subtle variations of colour and tone. It is NOT a permeable paint, and is not to be used on newly plastered surfaces or solid walls that need to ‘breathe’.

Environmental Considerations: 

Contains no added lead. Actual VOC content <299g/l. 2010 EU limit 300g/l. All Rose of Jericho paints comply with the latest environmental legislation.


To be used for the decoration of low-usage joinery and woodwork such as panelling. For interior use only. Rose of Jericho Flat Oil is not as wipeable as modern gloss or eggshell oil paints.


Flat Oil is available in all colours on charts C9 and C10 + White.

Colour Charts


Matt finish with subtle variations in colour and tone. All Rose of Jericho paints are made using powder pigments. Colour and tone variations due to these pigments and differing porosity of surfaces are inevitable. The intention is that our oil paints possess the lack of uniformity and charm of traditional oil paints.


1 litre and 2.5 litre cans. Direct from Rose of Jericho. All paints are mixed to order.

Health & Safety: 

Detailed information is provided in Safety Data sheet RJ 5.06A.

Those engaged in the use and application of this product should ensure they read this Safety Data Sheet.

Sensible Precautions. Keep away from sources of ignition. NO SMOKING.

Keep out of reach of children.

Protect from frost, extremes of temperature and direct sunlight.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes and inhalation of vapours.

Use in good natural ventilation and wear protective clothing.

Wear suitable respiratory protection in confined spaces.

Storage Store in secure dry conditions inaccessible to children and animals, and away from sources of ignition.

Containers should be kept closed during storage. Avoid spillage.

Fire Rating: 

FLAMMABLE. Flash point 40°C

Technical Specification: 

Composition: Artists quality pigments in alkyd-resin medium.

Solvent: Genuine turpentine.

Performance: Drying: In good drying conditions : Touch dry in 6 hours. Allow 18 hours between coats. Ensure adequate ventilation during the drying period

Limitations: Do not apply in temperatures below 8°C or above 25°C or in damp or humid conditions. Only rarely used for the decoration of walls and ceilings. Seek Technical Advice.

Disposal: DO NOT empty into drains or water courses or access routes to septic tanks.


All surfaces should be sound, dry, clean, and free from dirt, oil, grease or other contamination. Priming: New woodwork should be primed with an oil-based wood Primer. Existing paint-work in sound condition should be washed down with a warm water detergent solution and abraded. It is recommended that trials be carried out well in advance to ensure that the surface is suitable for application.


Stir thoroughly before use. Flat Oil is best applied by brush Maintain wet edge. Two coats normally recommended. . Thinning: Thinning is not normally necessary for primed or previously painted surfaces. Thin with white spirit if necessary. Coverage: 16 sq. metres per litre on smooth surface of low porosity. Cleaning: Brushes and equipment should be cleaned with white spirit immediately after use.


Do not apply in temperatures below 8°C or above 25°C or in damp or humid conditions. Only rarely used for the decoration of walls and ceilings. Seek Technical Advice.