Casein Distemper


A high quality traditional matt decorative paint based on both natural gelatin and lactic casein. Artists quality earth and natural powder pigments provide matchless purity and quality of colour. A permeable paint suitable for use in older buildings. Much of the charm of a distemper is the lack of uniformity with subtle variations of colour and tone.

Environmental Considerations: 

Environmentally friendly product made with natural sustainable ingredients. It contains no VOCs, no petrochemical based ingredients, and no lead. Water-based. All Rose of Jericho paints comply with the latest environmental legislation.


To be used for the decoration of walls and ceilings. For interior use only. For interior use only. Casein Distemper applied to appropriate surfaces will not readily rub-off on clothes. It is more wipeable than Soft Distemper but not as wipeable as modern vinyl emulsion paints Distempers should not be over-painted with emulsion or other modern paint types.


Available in all colours on Charts C9 and C10.

Colour Charts

Shelf Life: 

Limited. Un-opened cans have a 12 week shelf life when stored in a cool environment. Best used within 4 weeks of purchase. Protect from frost.


2.5 and 5 litre cans. Direct from Rose of Jericho. Casein Distemper is made to order.

Health & Safety: 

Detailed information is provided in Safety Data sheet RJ 5.04C.

Those engaged in the usage and application of this product should ensure they obtain and read this Safety Data sheet.

Fire Rating: 


Technical Specification: 

Composition: Mineral fillers and lactic acid casein in gelatin dispersion. Light-fast natural powder pigments.

Solvent: Water.

Casein Distemper contains an in-can preservative and a dry-film protective biocide.


Ensure Casein Distemper is within shelf-life period. All surfaces should be sound, dry, and free from dirt, oil, grease or other contamination. Previously distempered surfaces should be wiped/ washed free of any powdery surface material. Unpainted porous surfaces should be primed with a wash-coat of casein distemper diluted with 10% clean water. New lime plaster should be allowed to carbonate and dry for at least four weeks prior to application. Any fungus or mould must be treated with a fungicide and making good and filling should be carried out with a material appropriate to the substrate. Casein Distemper can normally be applied to prepared previously emulsion painted surfaces in normal domestic environments. It is not recommended that distemper be applied to emulsion and other modern paint types in poorly heated and poorly ventilated churches. Seek Technical Advice. Sample trials should be carried out well in advance to ensure that the surface is suitable for application.


Method Two coats normally recommended. Apply by brush. Cannot be spray applied. Brushes and equipment should be cleaned with warm, soapy water immediately after use. Thinning Thinning is not normally necessary for primed or previously painted surfaces. Casein Distemper is temperature sensitive and will thicken in cold conditions. If paint has thickened, it can be returned to the correct consistency by placing in a warm room or standing the can in a bucket of hot water. Only if absolutely necessary dilute by no more than 10% (by volume) with clean water. Coverage 10 - 12 m2/litre/coat coat on smooth surface of average porosity.


Performance Drying: In good drying conditions: Touch dry in 4 hours. Allow 12 hours between coats.


DO NOT apply in temperatures below 5°C or above 25°C. DO NOT use on surfaces previously painted with oil-based paints.