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Argical M1000


Argical M1000 (metakaolin) is a reactive artificial pozzolan produced by calcining china clay. Pozzolans are not themselves cementitious, but contain constituents that react with lime at ordinary temperatures in the presence of water to form stable hydraulic compounds.


Argical M1000 can be added to lime mortars to increase strength and improve long-term durability. Pozzolans react with ‘free lime’ in mortar and lime efflorescence is therefore less likely. Porosity and permeability are both reduced.


Finely ground white powder.

Shelf Life: 

Indefinite stored in dry condition.


25kg bags. Ex. Stock.

Technical Specification: 

Pozzolans RJ 7.01

Red Brick Dust RJ 7.03

PFA (Pulverised Fuel Ash) RJ 7.09

Use of ordinary mortar RJ 2.03

Lime Putty Renders RJ 2.09


To be mixed, normally as a slurry, with lime mortar immediately before use. Add at 5%, 7.5%, 10% or 15% (by volume to mortar) depending on site exposure and the particular circumstances. Do not remix setting mortar.