Sand & Aggregates

A wide range of sands from various parts of the UK are stocked enabling regional, geological and historical mortar variations to be supplied.  These include limestone sands from Gloucester and Oxford, red sands from Devon, and quartz sands from Kent, Surrey, Somerset and Dorset. These are often sieved and/or blended for specific mortar matching. Fine silica sands are also stocked.

Various additives are supplied, normally to enable accurate matching of traditional or historic mortars.  These include pea-chalk, sieved charcoal and coal ash, and horse and goat hair.

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Sands & Additives

Limestone Sands

Moreton Cullimore and Sutton Courtenay well-graded coarse limestone sands are stocked. Limestone sand has a positive effect on mortar performance by promoting carbonation.

Pea Chalk

Hard white Chalk is sieved and supplied without fines as Pea Chalk 5mm to 1.18mm. It is added to mortars to replicate the unburnt and unmixed particles found in traditional mortars.


Sieved charcoal 6mm to 0.5mm is supplied normally for limited addition to mortars to match the accidental inclusion of kiln-fuel particles from a wood or charcoal fired kiln. The fines are sieved out to reduce the darkening of mortar by the addition.

Sea Dredged Sands

Sand dredged from the Bristol Channel is stocked and supplied both at <12mm and sieved to <5mm.

Kiln-Dried Sands

Both 60 and 80 grade fine silica sands are stocked. These are used in finish plasters and fine ashlar and brick bedding and pointing mortars, often in combination with fine sieved limestone dusts.

Other Stock Sands

Various other sands are stocked including Devon Red, Westerham best washed, Bramshill coarse, and fine yellow pit sands.

Coal Ash

Sieved coal ash <4.10mm is supplied for limited addition to match inclusions from coal-fired lime kilns, but many Victorian period mortars used coal ash and not sand, and our sieved ash, often blended with sand, is used to match these mortars.

Blended Aggregates

Sands and aggregates can be supplied pre-blended for site-mixing with Natural Hydraulic Lime.

Hair & Fibre Reinforcement

Horse hair, fine white goat hair and sisal plant fibre are stocked for the reinforcement of plasters and renders.