Strawberry Hill


The natural earth and mineral artists quality powder pigments used in all our paints provide a beauty and purity of colour rarely achieved in modern paints.

Distempers are permeable paints made to traditional recipes, technically appropriate for use in traditional buildings, as they are permeable and allow the masonry to breathe. They are water based paints for internal use supplied as ‘soft’, ‘casein-bound’ and ‘linseed oil-bound’. Casein and oil-bound distempers are more wipeable and are therefore more often used on walls, with soft distemper normally reserved for mouldings and ceilings.

Flat Oil is a wipeable matt oil paint used on internal panelling and low-usage joinery. It is not a permeable paint and rarely used on plasterwork.

Eggshell is a wipeable mid-sheen paint for internal woodwork and joinery. Supplied as both oil and water based, they are not permeable paints and should not be used on plasterwork.

Permeable matt emulsion is a modern paint formulated for opacity and permeability, suitable for use in traditional buildings but not where there are high levels of moisture. We also produce a vinyl matt emulsion and an exterior grade emulsion, neither normally used for the decoration of older buildings.

All paints comply with current environmental legislation.

Our distempers, permeable emulsions and oil paints are currently being used for the redecoration of Knole House in Kent, and St Paul’s Covent Garden (The Actors Church).