Limewash & Sheltercoat


Our limewashes are hand-made to traditional recipes in Dorset using artists quality powder pigments and are characterised by a lack of uniformity with subtle variations of colour and tone.  

Pure limewash is normally reserved for internal use, and casein and tallow limewash are external grades as the casein and tallow improve rain-shedding.  Limewash is applied to porous surfaces including lime plaster and render, limestone and soft brick.  All are permeable and suitable for use in traditional buildings.   

This year, 2016, our limewashes have been used for the external redecoration of Queens Chapel, St James Palace and for the redecoration of Kew Palace.  These iconic buildings were first painted with our limewash in the mid 1990s and again in 2005.   


Sheltercoats are thicker than limewash as the colour is achieved by the addition of very fine stonedust instead of pigment. They are normally individually colour matched to the stone to be treated.  They are used as a sacrificial protective treatment to decaying stonework and statuary, but are also used to homogenise the appearance of masonry after localised indent or mortar repairs.  

Our Caen-stone matched sheltercoats continue to be used for the conservation of early-mediaeval stonework at Canterbury Cathedral.